A Nice Family Gathering
a comedy by Phil Olson

A Nice Family Gathering is now available for licensing through Samuel French Publishers. For a perusal script CLICK HERE or contact Samuel French at (212) 206-8990


A Nice Family Gathering won the Rochester Playwright Festival and the TRU New Voices Playwright Competition, was a finalist in the The Robert J. Pickering Award for Playwriting Excellence, the Phoenix Theatreís Festival of Emerging American Theatre, the Ukiah Players New Comedy Festival as well as the Chesterfield Writerís Film Project. The screenplay was a finalist in the Chicago Film Festival Indiefest.


The play was originally produced in Los Angeles at The Group Repertory Theatre, receiving LA WEEKLY Pick of the Week. It went on to be produced at the famous Groundlings Theatre as well as in Rochester, Minnesota at the national playwright competition.


Since then, A Nice Family Gathering has played in over 120 cities around the U.S., Canada and Australia.


Synopsis:  A Nice Family Gathering is a story about a man who loved his wife so much, he almost told her.


Itís Thanksgiving Day and the first family gathering at the Lundeen household since Dad died. At the gathering, Dad comes back as a ghost with a mission; to tell his wife of 35 years that he loved her, something he neglected to tell her while he was alive. The problem is, she canít hear or see him. The trouble begins when Mom invites a date for dinner.



Rochester Playwright Festival




TRU New Voices Playwright Competition




Best Play of the Season

Eunice Player's Annual Irving Awards




State College of Florida

National Theatre Honorary Fraternity




Inland Theatre League Award WINNER




Regional Winner, State Finalist in the Texas State High School

One-Act Play Competition (Edited Version - to one hour)


* Nominated for 5 Encore Awards

"Hilarious and touching!"  - LA WEEKLY Pick of the Week 

"Exquisite sense of humor!"  - Daily Variety

"A good heart is behind all this family silliness!"  - Los Angeles Times

"Garrison Keillor meets "Topper" by way of "Fargo"!"  - NPR

"A surefire, laugh-a-minute hit!"  - The Tolucan Times

"Hilarious!"  - American Eagle News

"Superb!"  - NoHo News

"Itís packed with mishaps that translates into fun!"  - Encino News

"'A Nice Family Gathering' is that rarest of all plays - a fun evening that is both comic and tender. There is genuineness to the script that is quite unusual. In fact, it is astonishing that the playwright, Phil Olson has remained so little recognized. Discover him for yourself!" - NewJerseyNewsRoom.com

"A heart touching comedy that every family can relate to."

                                                                                                    - Lake Orion Review

"It's a wonderful play to take all your loved ones to, and maybe you will come out realizing how much you care for each other and how comparatively "normal" your family is." - JAZ Tech

"For a heart warming comedy, be sure to catch 'A Nice Family Gathering!'" - The Theater Mirror

"A Nice Family Gathering is a laugh-out-loud funny play with great comic performances and a lively script where sibling rivalry and running gags abound!" - Studio City Sun

"If you want to spend an evening at the theater laughing until the tears stream down your face, don't miss 'A Nice Family Gathering!'" - The Pantagraph

"It's rare for a theater troupe to make the audience members laugh at one scene then dry their eyes at the next. But the Anna Maria Island Players achieve just that with 'A Nice Family Gathering.'"         - Bradenton.com

"An enjoyable holiday romp that will make everyone pick up their phone and talk to their moms...a perfect opening to the holiday season." - WordPress.com

"What makes the play so enjoyable is that everyone can see aspects of their family in the characters and family dynamics of the Lundeens." - Paper Trail



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A comedy by the

award-winning writer of

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Playwright Bio:
Phil Olson has written 15 published plays that have had over 350 productions around the world. Nine of his plays are published by Samuel French including, "A Nice Family Christmas,ď "A Nice Family Gathering,Ē ďMomís Gift,Ē ďDonít Hug Me,Ē ďA Donít Hug Me Christmas Carol,Ē "A Donít Hug Me County Fair,Ē ďDonít Hug Me, Iím Pregnant,Ē ďDonít Hug Me, Weíre Married,Ē and ďPolyester The Musical.Ē

Phil has won several playwright awards. Seven of his award-winning plays take place in small towns in Minnesota. He has also sold two screenplays and script doctored three screenplays that were produced.

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